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Roger Montgomery: Christian Author and Advocate

Roger Montgomery Music Publishing Company exists to share the love and power of Jesus Christ with believers and skeptics alike. Through my work as a Christian writer, I hope to inspire others with my stories of faith, trust, and the ultimate mercy found at the foot of the cross. A veteran of the Vietnam War, my life has taken me through many highs, lows, and tests of obedience. Through it all, I've learned one thing above all else: God loves us, and He gives me the strength to demonstrate that love through my passion for songwriting, poetry, and prose.

If you're looking for a Christian artist who lives every day striving to be a constant advocate for our Savior, explore my work. I offer PDF files and MP3 downloads at no cost to ensure that others always have access to my books, poems, and songs. Grow together with me as we undertake the great journey of life that God has prepared for each of His children.

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