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About Roger Montgomery Music Publishing Company

To know about Roger Montgomery Music Publishing Company, you have to understand that God is always interested in our lives. As a veteran of the Vietnam War, I've seen some of the most harrowing days in recent American history and taken part in the great sacrifice that so many of my fellow citizens accept to preserve our freedoms. Throughout my life, I've also experienced great joy, moments where the fear and clamor of a lost world fall away, and people find the best reflections of themselves.

In every part of my life, Jesus has been there for me. He has helped me make it through the hardest times in Vietnam and beyond, and allowed me to see that the triumphs and happiness I've enjoyed are all part of a larger plan. Inspired by the unshakable power and healing grace of our Savior, I began my career as a Christian writer with poems and books.

After some time, God put one of my books in the hands of a talented songwriter, who helped to open my eyes when it came to the potential of music to reach others for His glory. From there, I began to write songs to bring the faith that's always been central in my life to people around the world. Today, I have a discography that includes more than one hundred songs and have the unimaginable privilege of seeing my work lead others to salvation through Jesus Christ.

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