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My mission at Roger Montgomery Music Publishing Company is to distribute my art to those in need. Over the years, my collection of Christian music has grown from a handful of songs to a treasure trove of more than one hundred works dedicated to the glory of God. If you're looking for a genuine, passionate piece of art that can help you connect with your faith or find hope in a lost world, it is my hope that the songs I write can be your solace and inspiration. Available via MP3 download, you can enjoy my music at your convenience.

Other Work

In addition to my songs, I offer both Christian poetry and inspirational books. My written work covers a wide range of topics and themes that I've encountered at different points in my life, including subjects such as:

My poems have been shared in many different countries and all fifty of the United States. Recently, I was honored to receive a lifetime achievement award from Who's Who after creating three books and approximately 322 poems. In all my work, my goal is to encourage fellow believers. Most importantly, however, I want to give as many people as possible the life-changing opportunity to hear about the fact that there's a God, and that He loved them enough to send His son to die for our sins. Add authentic Christian Music, Christian Poems, Romanian, French, Russian from an artist in Radford, VA, to your worship experience. My work draws on the transformative power of Christ. 

Currently, you can get a free download of one of my latest books, titled "If You Don't Know." The book covers various Biblical topics and is available in English, Russian, French, and Romanian. Whether you're a Christian looking for inspirational resources or someone who needs to hear the truth about Jesus Christ from someone who's spent a lifetime experiencing His presence, let my writing speak to your heart today.

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